Peter and Lois on an XXX vacation

Peter’s pecker hasn’t been working properly for quite some time and Lois is desperate, so she invited him on a romantic vacation at a resort where it is allowed for couples to have sex in public places. The prospect of stuffing his wife on a comfy sandy beach with his big cock while the passers by check them out turns Peter on immensly and he’s on top of her in no time, stuffing her and making her cum several times.
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Dirty cartoon fairies having sex adventures

Tiny cartoon fairies with wings and no clothes on at all are invisible to mankind, which allows for some pretty frisky banging on top of them and nearby. The thrill of having cartoon sex next to humans make these fairies extra horny and wet, so they enjoy even wild orgies. They do have to keep quiet while having sex, they can be heard by humans, but as long as they keep it all in they can enjoy this cartoon voyeurism.
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