Bender whips out his homosexual robot penis

If you were wondering just why does the professor keep Bender around when he is a major pain in the booty… Well… the answer is just coz this guy IS a pain in the ass! There’s nothing aged professor enjoys more then having a mechanical appendage up his butt as the robot fucks his brains out in homo drawn smutty manner. Fry is also around to find how fun it is to be team-fucked by a robot, his holes crack wide for a tireless coitus machine this guy is introduced to in this gallery.
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Homer and Ned go twink together

Ned Flanders is always annoying our favourite yellow toon chap, but Homer has discovered a way to bring Ned down from his high horse, and it is a very simple way to boot – all this guy has to do is stick his yellow penis up Ned’s butt and this guy gets absolutely obedient. Guy on guy Simpsons drawn smutty of high quality is a rarity, but here you can feast your eyes on best penis sucking butt fucking gay toons in high quality.
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