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Meg has been set free from her deal with Hades, and now she gets to do whatever she pleases. It’s no wonder she decides to stick to Hercules like glued – it’s been a while since she had a pulse and a body she can actually thoroughly enjoy, and the innocent hunk Hercules has a lot to learn from her as they go through all of the motions we expect from Disney erotic toons. Hercules gets a lot of experience fucking Meg’s pink pussy until she’s thoroughly satisfied.
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New generations don’t even remember He-Man, but those of us that watched the cartoon show as kids always wondered – just why doesn’t He-Man have some frisky fun with the princess, or even with some of the villains in the show! Fine, fit figures, great tits, lush asses – all this and much more is at He-Man’s disposal and in this erotic toons archive he taps all of that, one at the time, or even in a gang bang from time to time, when he feels like he’s got enough energy for several nympho toon babes.
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