Atlantis sex adventure with horny princess

Kida, Princess of Atlantis, has never seen a surface dweller before, and now that she’s got a live specimen in front of her she can’t help but try him on for size, and that’s how things started. It’s not just Milo that got banged good in the Atlantis, most of his crewmen were able to find a babe ready for some surface cock, and this cartoon porn adventure shows both erotic toons and hardcore toons getting their dreams and fantasies out in the open so they can be fulfilled.
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Godly sex with Hercules and Zeus

Most folks see Hercules as a savior and a hero, but Meg has other plans for the muscular boy, she has had her eyes on his dick for a while now and just couldn’t help but wonder what would it taste like and how would it feel deep inside of her. It’s time for her to find out answer to these questions, and Hercules gets to have a wild sex encounter with Meg. At the same time there’s more erotic toons action going on as Zeus got horny and decided to bang one of the lesser goddesses.
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